Title of Research Project Funding Agency Name of the Principal Investigator Status Amount allocated by the agency
The Strong field gravitational lensing in black hole space time pierced by a cosmic string UGC Dr. Sini R Completed 80000/-
Pollen variability, interspecific hybridization, and molecular characterization of Vanilla species UGC Dr. Minoo Divakaran Completed 1,70,000/-
Multiplication and conservation of Indian vanilla species UGC Dr. Minoo Divakaran Completed 1,10,000/-
The Trajectories of Dalit Uprisings in Post Independent India UGC Dr. Laina P Completed 60000/-
Computational investigations on the mechanism of formation of MoS2 tribofilm from MoDTC and its degradation with ageing of oil DST-SERB Dr. Deepthi Jose Completed 7.5 lakhs
AstroSat observations of AGNs: Broad band spectral analysis and variability ISRO Dr. Jeena Ongoing 19,25,264/-
Influence of extratropical focusing on Asian MonsoonAgriculture and economy DST Dr. Sandhya M Completed 24,86,000/-
Influence of potential vorticity intrusions on Asian Monsoon SERB Dr. Sandhya M Completed 14,40,000/-
Development of advanced multifunctional capacitors for electronic packaging KSCSTE Dr. Sobha A Completed 12,65,000/-
The effect of the Medium Modified Hadrons on experimental Observables  DST Dr. Raje Bhageerathi Completed 23,59,000/-
Broadband studies of Active Galactic Nuclei by ASTROSAT SERB Dr. Jeena K Completed 5,71,439/-
The Socio- Economic Implications of the Influx of Migrant Labour to Kozhikode UGC Dr Priyadarsini P Completed  1,50,000/-
Studies on Feeding Biology & Elucidation of Leaf Damage Induced by Spider mites on Vegetable Crops  UGC Dr. Sangeetha G Kaimal Completed 1,50,000/-
Feeding biology of oribatid mites of Kerala CSIR Dr. E. Julie Ongoing 31000/-
Taxonomic studies on Oribatid mites (Acaro:Oribatida) from selected ecosystems of Kerala CSIR Dr. E. Julie Ongoing  31000/-