Name Name of Guide Department Topic/Title of Research Status of Research
Fathima Rafieah . N .T Dr. Minoo Divakaran Botany In vitro conservation and molecular diversity analysis of a few vanilla species Ongoing
Dipija A P Dr. Deena meria jose Botany   Ongoing
Athulya Sadanand C P Prof. P.V. Madhusoodanan (Co-Guide: Dr. Minoo Divakaran) Botany In vitro multiplication and synthesis of nanoparticles using selected medicinal plant extracts and its biomedical applications Ongoing
Dr. Saranya Babu Jayaprakash C M Dr. Minoo Divakaran Botany Phenological behaviour and in vitro conservation of Celastrus paniculatus Willd. (Celastraceae) and Symplocos cochinchinensis (Lour.) S.Moore. (Symplocaceae) Completed and Awarded
Abidha E K Dr.Minoo Divakaran Botany Morphological, Biochemical and Molecular Diversity Analysis in Important Species of Curcuma L. Ongoing
Divya Menon Dr. Surya K English Ethnic Strife and its Ramifications in Diasporic Literature.:A critique of Select Sri Lankan Narratives Ongoing
Sreekuttan S Dr. Shanthi Vijayan English Relocating the Second Wave: Political Resistance and Ethno-Specificity in Ongoing
Sukanya Sugathan Dr. Aparna Nandakumar English Techno-futures and the Crisis of the Human: Utopias and Dystopias in Contemporary Cultural Texts Ongoing
Anuradha P.R Dr.Shanti Vijayan English Guarding the Galaxy: The Cultural Dynamics of the Contemporary Superhero Ongoing
Bindya Sasidharan Dr. Surya K English Mapping female spaces of fear : A geocritical approach to female Geographies in short stories by select contemporary malayalam writers. Ongoing
Aparna B Dr. Surya K English Slow Violence and Environmentalism : An Ecocritical Study of Select Indian Texts Ongoing
Ananya G Dr. Surya K English Cricket masculinity and Neocolonialism in Indian popular culture – A study of select cultural texts Ongoing
Rashida Muneer Chalilakath Dr. Shanthi Vijayan English Maternal Ambivalence and Disability : A Study of Select Popular Fiction Ongoing
Sujatha Menon Dr.Shanthi Vijayan English Food,Gut and Culture:Subverting the politics of identity and representation in select culinary narratives Ongoing
Thara Skaria Dr. Priyadarshini P History   Ongoing
Saleena K K Dr. Laina.P History Print Culture and Marrying for Love: An Emotional History of Colonial Malabar 1858 – 1947 Ongoing
Shuhaib P V Dr. Priyadarsini P History   Ongoing
Aswathi.v Dr. Laina P History The ‘Crowd’ and Uprisings in Colonial Malabar: 1857-1947 Ongoing
Surjith VP Dr. S Sreekumari Malayalam   Ongoing
Dr.Sreekala.c.e Dr. S. Sreekumai Malayalam  

Completed and Awarded


Sumitha V Dr. S. Sreekumai Malayalam ഹോർത്തൂസ് മലബാറിക്കസ് :ഒരു സാംസ്‌കാരിക പാഠം Completed and Awarded
Dr.Bindu.M K Dr. S. Sreekumai Malayalam പ്രവാസം എം മുകുന്ദൻ റെ കഥകളിൽ Completed and Awarded
Athira T Dr. S. Sreekumai Malayalam   Ongoing
Vijith M C Dr. S. Sreekumai Malayalam   Ongoing
Akhila K Dr. Jeena K Physics Broadband Spectral Analysis and Variability of AGNs Ongoing
Aswathi U Dr. Jeena K Physics Rapid time variability studies in X-ray binaries Ongoing
Rukkiyya V P Dr. Sini R Physics Strong gravitational lensing in different black hole spacetime Ongoing
Subeesh TP Dr. Sini R Physics Synthesis and characterisation of dielectric materials for high capacitive applications Ongoing
Ashna V M Dr. Sini R Physics Investigation of the Solar wind coupling with Magnetosphere-Ionosphere system during the 23-24 solar cycles. Ongoing
Sreevalsa K Dr. Jeena K Physics Variability Studies of Ultra Luminous X-Ray Sources Ongoing
Naithika Raj K P Dr. Sangeetha G Kaimal Zoology   Ongoing
Soumya Chandran Dr. E. Julie Zoology   Ongoing
Suada P C Dr. Sangeetha G. Kaimal Zoology   Ongoing
Maneesha K Dr. Sangeetha G. Kaimal Zoology   Ongoing
Ashigha I V Dr. E. Julie Zoology   Ongoing